What is Poly Pong?

Kids playing Poly Pong

Fun for all ages

This is the most exciting table tennis type game you will ever play!  You may play with two to over a dozen players at the same time. With more than four players,  a new player enters the game with each serve.  The player who just fouled must leave the game and wait in line until his/her turn to re-enter. Temporary alliances are formed to enhance game strategy as the game progresses. The rounded bumpers provide  infinite variety of ball bounces when struck during play.  A skilled player uses the bumpers to angle the ball to an opponent, or set himself up for an easy slam. The four brightly colored courts, octal table shape, bumpers, and multiple players take ping-pong to a new level never before possible.

The table tops are made from sheet molding compound.  This is a 25% fiber filled resin material.  It is extreemly strong and waterproof.  The table tops have no wood products to swell, won’t delaminate, and are good in-doors or out-of-doors.  They are very dense and provide an excellent bounce for the ball. They are painted with a sun safe epoxy based non-glare paint. The table dolly is constructed from 2mm gage steel and is coated with a heavy powder coat.  The legs all lock in-place to prevent table collapse. Wheels are 3-in. diameter with a wheel lock included.

Each table comes equipped with

  • Four LLDPE plastic bumpers; four white
  • Four nearly unbreakable brightly colored all weather paddles
  • Six balls
  • Rules of Play manual with 20 games, Assembly booklet

Dimensions:  102 in. by 102 in. by 30 in. high     Folded:  52 in. by 30 in. by 54 in. high      Weight: 350 lbs.  Assembly required.

Did you know….. that you can have as many kids play on one Poly Pong table as you can on four standard tables? And….look at the savings in storage space!