New products for consumers were also in abundance. Poly Pong is a new game offering a twist off of Ping Pong – picture ping-pong with bumpers and four stations that can accommodate as few as 2 players and as many as eight players.

“It’s a great equalizer”, said Vern Bangerter, president of Poly Pong Inc. He said the table “allows kids to team up against dad – you can play one on one, two on two or even one against three,” said Bangerter. “The reception at this show for this new game has been great. Everyone has loved it.”

SGMA Spring Market Report 2007


Our school has gone through many pingpong tables but they only involve a few players at a time and with extended use by students they tend to fall apart over time. The Poly Pong table is virtually indestructible. It is sturdy, strong, and prepared for extended and serious use by adults, teenagers, and children.

One of the greatest elements of Poly Pong is the way it includes and involves many students at the same time. Even a line of 15 students moves quickly so all students feel that they are involved. The exciting, continuous unique play off the bumpers and multiple directions keeps bystanders interested and before they know it they are at the front of the line with a paddle in their hand. I especially enjoy watching the table after school where the line is full of students from lower school to upper school, boys and girls, beginners and advanced players, all playing together.

Poly Pong has been the highlight of the winter months for our students during lunch and after school. It has kept them active, involved, and excited during a time when it is often difficult to keep students from feeling bored and out of trouble.

Daniel Smith
Head master, Meridian K-12 School


When the kids have free time in our commons room, Poly Pong usually beats out the pool table, air hockey, and foosball. Our staff will often start playing before the kids arrive at the club.

One of the greatest things about Poly Pong is that the kids don’t have to fight over who gets to play next. There are a variety of games where we can form a line and everyone gets to jump in and take a turn playing. One of their favorite games is to form a cooperative game where the kids try to break their old record on how many times they can hit the ball to each other without an error.

We have never gone through so many ping pong balls in our program! This is a good thing! The kids really do enjoy it.

Dale Green
Clubhouse Director, Boys & Girls Clubs Provo, Utah


The Poly Pong table has worked out great! Thanks for the large instructions. They look very good. The table is set up in our youth and teen room and has been embraced by the kids. It’s become our most popular game, over pool, bumper pool, and foosball. The table sees the most use during our after school program and at birthday parties we run on weekends.

It’s great that Poly Pong can incorporate so many players, and that players with different skill levels can all play together. It is still very new here and we have not yet organized any adult games, but I think we will in the near future.

We would be happy to provide references in regards to Poly Pong anytime.

Keith Estes
Facilities Director


Poly Pong is a great party game that moves quickly and can easily keep up to 15 people in the action. It is so addicting your guests won’t want to leave when the party is over.

Tyler Campbell
Software Engineer


As an experienced ping pong player, I was very interested in the concept of Poly Pong. After playing in 2,3,4, and up to 10 player configurations, I was delighted to find out how fun Poly Pong was to play. It required me to adapt my game and adopt new strategies to compete. I found the game very competitive and challenging both mentally and physically. It made me remember how fun learning a new game or sport can be and improved my ping pong game.

Michael Yost
Mechanical Engineer


I have played regular ping-pong for a long time – singles/doubles and around the world (to accommodate more people). PolyPong takes ping-pong to the next level and can be played with any number of people. The added elements of bumpers rather than nets speeds up the game and adds a tremendously entertaining and challenging dimension. The amount of fun I have with PolyPong vs. ping-pong is exponentially higher. If ping-pong is fun^2 then PolyPong is fun^4.

Mike J. Process Engineer Team Leader


Poly Pong is always moving; It never gets slow or dull. So many people can play and feel active and involved. Its unique table top brings new twists with new strategies and continual fun for people of all ages! Nathan Packard University student

Playing Poly Pong at work with my co-workers on my lunch break was great. After playing Poly Pong I was able to go back to work feeling relaxed, happy and ready to give my best to the company. Poly Pong is good exercise, a good laugh and great fun.

Steven Liddiard
Mechanical Engineer


Ordinary 2 person ping pong is boring. I never cared to play much. Poly Pong is a blast. It reminds me of the great times I had playing competitive Four Square and Dodge Ball in elementary school, but it’s for adults too. Even though it is competitive and I am not very good, I have enjoyed building friendships and sportsmanship through this game. No community or fitness center should be without a Poly Pong table.

D. Brent Williamson
Process Engineer


What can I say? Growing up playing Ping Pong, to me Poly Pong is superior. I love the action and the speed of the game. The angles and the strategies that can be used are endless. As I and the players I play with get more experienced, the game takes on new depth and becomes way more than Ping Pong could ever be. I would say this is a great game for families and friends. The laughs and fun that I have playing are memories I will not forget. I heartily endorse this product and would recommend it for players of all skills and ages.

Eric S.
Process Engineer